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JMS is hiring exceptional sales and operations team members. JMS team members and clients recognize that relationship is everything. When respect, accountability, and integrity form the foundation of our relationship, there is no end to what we can accomplish together.

Take control of your career! Join the best systems integration team in Texas. 

Open BAS Positions

BAS Account Executive

Do you enjoy collaborating with customers, contractors, and team members to develop quality BAS solutions?  How about excellent oral, written communication, and presentation skills?  Familiar with and confident in your knowledge of HVAC systems, lighting and other building systems?  Does promoting the value of true open solutions and collaborative services put a charge in your day?

At JMS, you will be responsible for identifying, proposing, and reaching agreement on BAS solutions for qualified customers. JMS offers the best opportunities in the market to develop and grow your open solutions expertise and portfolio of satisfied customers.

To apply, send your resume to [email protected].

BAS Project Technician

Like the idea a client who is so satisfied with your work that they consider you an essential part of their team? Like delivering a solution for a client that goes beyond the required scope because you know that is the right thing to do? If so, then you’ll be interested in this opportunity.

At JMS a BAS Technician can become a BAS Superstar! A building technology professional who relishes the hardest jobs with the latest technology, and doesn’t until quit until the job is well done. Superstars walk off the job, proud of their work, knowing they made a difference for the client.

To apply, send your resume to [email protected].

BAS Project Engineer

You have strong engineering, HVAC, and building controls skills. You enjoy collaborating with customers, contractors, and internal team members to develop quality BAS solutions. You listen well, give customers advice in their best interest, and customer satisfaction is important to you.

At JMS, you will be responsible for the success of BAS solutions within your project portfolio. JMS offers the opportunity to advance your professional skills around open BAS solutions and integration working with the latest technology.

To apply, send your resume to [email protected].

Experienced BAS Service Technician

Solving technical problems. Responding to customer needs. Working with high-end building technology. Customer satisfaction. Opportunity. That’s what this role is about. Service Technicians are the backbone of the great JMS customer service.

Looking for a place to grow in your career? This is a great opportunity to do just that by joining a team where you are empowered to own and solve problems, knowing you have a great team that will support you. Take control of your career! Join the JMS team.

To apply, send your resume to [email protected].

JMS Culture

Since 2007, JMS Integrated Building Solutions has built a reputation for excellence in Texas. We are known by our clients for tackling the toughest challenges, our expertise, our history of integrating to most brands of building automation solutions, and the fact that we are easy to do business with.

JMS Guiding Principles


Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


We strive to be the best there is at what we do.


Provide more than the customer expects.


Faithfully manage resources for the greatest impact.


Focus on the solution, not the problem, to get the job done.

Exceptional Team


People do business with people they like. Interpersonal skills are part of the JMS culture. Join us and learn or further develop skills that will last your whole career.


The JMS culture empowers a spirit of persistence and tackling challenges until the client is satisfied. JMS will empower you to take on challenging technical opportunities, develop new skills and add to your expertise.


We don't talk open. We do open. There is a big difference between the two. At JMS, you will work with the most advanced open solutions technology to deliver truly open solutions. Whether you are in sales, engineering or operations, we offer the best opportunities in the market to develop and grow your open solutions expertise.

Great Benefits

Employee Benefits

Eligible Employees of JMS are offered a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. The following are some of the benefits we offer:

JMS Integrated Building Solutions, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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