Building IoT

Data, insight and action to enhance occupant experience and productivity in your building

Building IoT

Data, insight and action to enhance occupant experience and productivity in your building

Building IoT

Data, insight and action to enhance occupant experience and productivity in your building


Building IoT is about data, insight and action that modernizes your building environment. Data from IP CONNECTED devices provides you with new insight about building conditions and the way people use the building. Armed with insight, you can automate actions that make a building responsive to the needs of people in any space at any time.

Building IoT drives PRODUCTIVITY through modern conveniences for both building occupants and the team who runs your building. Occupants simply have a better experience when, through machine learning, the building automatically responds to their needs. Mobile apps to manage conditions in their space or to interface building services increase the PRODUCTIVITY of their day.

Your building management team is more PRODUCTIVE with Building IoT solutions that automatically detect and manage space conditions that previously required actions by building staff. Building IoT monitored systems communicate maintenance needs ahead of system failures, reducing the cost of maintenance and extending the life of systems.

FEATURES of the JMS Building IoT Solution


The JMS Building IoT solution starts with a building operations dedicated IP network that is separate from the facility’s commercial IP network. All IP building systems reside on this one common building operations network, enabling device to device or system to system data communications for monitoring and control. A separate Building IoT network reduces the risk of impacting the IT infrastructure and provides a more secure installation. The way it should be.


The Niagara Framework is the JMS integration backbone that connects systems of varying protocols and dissimilar systems. This greatly enhances the capability of those systems as they are now Building IoT enabled across one IP-based building operations network. The Niagara Framework can connect and control nearly any device in your building and normalize data from those systems so they can talk to each other, and so you can visualize your buildings systems on any web browser or device. The result is a more attractive building environment, i,proved energy management, and an enhanced occupant experience.


Intelligent, IP-based controllers from JMS are the workhorses of Building IoT solutions. Referred to as “edge” devices due to their proximity to the actual equipment and spaces they monitor and control, these devices collect and store large volumes of operating data. These devices are high level computing devices capable of delivering building automation features both locally and over the network.


With the large volume of data available in a Building IoT solution, Building Analytics Software automatically and quickly  identify and report problems in your facility that will help you avoid equipment failure, unexpected repairs, occupant dissatisfaction, and wasted energy. Going beyond identifying potential problems, analytic software tools help building manager implement proactive strategies to reduce energy consumption and manage equipment efficiently.


If Building IoT is about data, insight and action, then the User Interface is the visualization tool set that brings this all together through oversight of the big picture and a grasp of the underlying details. Both views help building managers deliver high occupant satisfaction. The ENVYSION user interface from JMS gives you the analytics dashboards, graphics, and alarm consoles you need to efficiently manage all buildings in your portfolio. Occupants remain comfortable and productive by connecting to the system and adjusting their environmental conditions to their needs while accessing valuable data.


As a Master System Integrator, JMS has expertise in operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). As an MSI, JMS

  • installs the dedicated building operations network, following industry standards for networking and cybersecurity,
  • integrates disparate building systems across that network,
  • connects intelligent digital devices to the network,
  • and configures the network software to get the right data to the right devices and people.


Building IoT Knowledge Resources

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Building IoT Knowledge Resources

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JMS partners with Distech Controls, Tridium and others to deliver truly open, integrated solutions. The way it should be.