Skill. Knowledge. Collaboration. These add up to the right business partner. The right relationship. That's JMS.


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Skill. Knowledge. Collaboration. These add up to the right business partner. The right relationship. That's JMS.


Skill. Knowledge. Collaboration. These add up to the right business partner. The right relationship. That's JMS.

Expertise is the combination of Skill, Knowledge, and Collaboration. Our veteran team has years’ of acquired skill and knowledge working with the BAS platforms from many different manufacturers. It is very likely we have installed or serviced your type of system more than once.

Collaboration is about attitude to serve. We listen to you, our customer. We will understand your needs. We will give you our best, honest advice. We will deliver a solution that is right for you. This defines JMS. JMS is that right business partner for modern building automation solutions.

8 Essential Components to Excellence in BAS Project Delivery


Imagine the operational efficiency to be realized when all your systems work together!

We leverage cutting edge technology to design an integrated solution that enables all your building systems to communicate and work together. We have sharpened this expertise over many years and hundreds of customer projects.

Systems Design

Experience, knowledge and products, applied to develop a system design specific to your building, give you complete control.

We apply deep understanding of building environments and systems to the precise design requirements laid out by your engineer or developed by JMS. We routinely review the design with our customers and their design engineering teams. With this approach, JMS designs a control system that is specific to your building.


Programming ensures the equipment operates per agreed upon sequences of operation. It makes all the difference.

Programming expertise is the ingredient that makes a great design work. JMS programmers possess years of experience applying both standard and custom applications to control the simple to the complex systems found in buildings. And we excel at delivering PC, tablet and mobile user interfaces that ease daily operations.

Project Management

A dedicated, professional Project Manager is accountable for the highest quality of your solution.

Your dedicated Project Manager will initiate, plan, execute, and monitor the installation of your solution. And most important is closing the project ONLY when it is FULLY complete and you are trained and satisfied. Your PM will communicate with you throughout so you’re up to date on project progress.

Project Delivery

Our qualified team, from start to finish, ensures a seamless project, completed on schedule.

With JMS you get One Qualified Team handling system design, delivery, and installation. They develop and implement the control programming, verify system operations, and create system graphics. Finally, the team trains you on the use of your system.

Project Documentation

Project documents put you in the driver seat.

JMS delivers clear and complete project documentation at the conclusion of every project. The project documents become an important tool for you over the life of the solution, enabling you to modify or expand the system as needed, with any QUALIFIED technology partner.


Training your team to use the system makes them more effective & your building more efficient.

What good is having the best tools at your disposal if you are not trained how to use them? We believe you need to thoroughly understand the solution installed in your building in order to get the value out of your investment. We properly train your team and answer all their questions.


Support distinguishes JMS from the rest. Our team is ready to answer your call. Your request is our priority.

Our technicians will verify the installation and check out the system before turning it over to you.  We will continue to support you and your system in a timely and professional manner.

JMS partners with Distech Controls, Tridium and others to deliver truly open, integrated solutions. The way it should be.