Modernize & Expand BAS

Leverage past investments into planned BAS modernization & expansion

Modernize & Expand BAS

Leverage past investments into planned BAS modernization & expansion

Modernize & Expand BAS

Leverage past investments into planned BAS modernization & expansion


JMS empowers you with options to expand your Building Automation System with open solutions. With our highly COLLABORATIVE approach to building technology, we give you choices that lead to better decisions around product, supplier, and price. Just imagine having these kinds of choices.

We start by listening to you to understand your unique business and operating challenges and objectives. We then propose a solution that solves your challenges and meets your objectives. The foundation of that solution will be open, non-proprietary technology. With that foundation in place, you can decide on your next project involving BAS what products and suppliers meet your needs at that time.

We are confident you will choose JMS for the next project because of our performance, competitive price, and COLLABORATIVE approach to business. The choice is yours. The way it should be.

FEATURES of JMS BAS Modernization & Expansion


JMS has helped many customers modernize their systems to deliver enhanced system features without having to replace or upgrade their existing system.  Whether your legacy system is based on open protocol or a proprietary protocol we can integrate your existing field controllers into an open browser based graphical user interface.

Four components comprise a truly open solution. These are essential to giving you a choice among options.

  1. Industry Standard Protocols like BACnet, LON, and Modbus
  2. Open Licensing
  3. Engineering Tools
  4. Non-proprietary User Interface

You can READ MORE about these components on our Open Solutions page.


With a truly open solution in place, you can plan your path to modernizing your existing legacy field devices. JMS customers take two approaches to modernization.

One approach is to replace existing legacy controls that may be obsolete or no longer meeting the needs of the building with modern, digital controllers and devices.  This approach may require more of an initial cost that often pays for itself in energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced occupant experience.

Another approach is similar, delivering the same benefits, but is accomplished over time as part of a planned renovation to portions of the building.  This allows systematic planned modifications that are aligned with available funds.

JMS partners with Distech Controls, Tridium and others to Modernize & Expand BAS. READ MORE on our Integration page.


Planned expansion also leverages the non-proprietary, truly open BAS platform from JMS to add controls to parts of the building that have no controls, or to expand the BAS into new additions to your facilities.

By implementing an Open BAS Solution from JMS, you can entertain proposals for your BAS expansion project from multiple qualified systems integrators. Your General Contractor and Consulting Engineer will appreciate that level of open COLLABORATION. We are confident we will continue to earn your business through qualified performance, competitive price, and unmatched collaboration.


Our team has first-hand experience with BAS platforms from Alerton, Automated Logic, Trane, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, and, of course, DISTECH Controls. We have used our open solution to integrate disparate systems from multiple manufacturers into a single, seamless building automation system.

Our COLLABORATION and experience transforming proprietary, separate systems into a single, open protocol building operations network make JMS qualified to modernize and expand your existing system.





JMS partners with Distech Controls, Tridium and others to deliver truly open, integrated solutions. The way it should be.

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