Open Solutions

True Open BAS Solutions to get CONNECTED and take CONTROL

Open Solutions

True Open BAS Solutions to get CONNECTED and take CONTROL

Open Solutions

True Open Solutions to get CONNECTED and take CONTROL


True Open BAS Solutions are comprised of four components: 1) industry standard protocols, 2) open licensing, 3) non-proprietary engineering tools, and 4) a non-proprietary user interface. Our Open Solutions empower you to take control with the most qualified building technology partner based upon their performance and qualifications to meet your expectations.

JMS has specialized in True Open BAS Solutions since 2007.

Four Components
of a True Open Solution

Nothing less than these 4 components define a True Open BAS Solution. That’s what JMS delivers.


JMS leverages Industry Standard Protocols to connect systems from different companies into one seamless building management system. We can do this because these open protocols enable system to system communications and data sharing.

Click the Industry Standard to learn more about each of these Open Protocols.


JMS Open Solutions leverage the Tridium Niagara Framework as our integration tool which features an open license software platform. This means any professional system integrator with a properly licensed copy of the software and authorized by you can engineer, interface to and communicate with your system. Open Licensing of controller software is an important component of a true Open Solution and your ability to choose among solution providers.


The programming and graphics generation tools used on your system should be non-proprietary and freely provided to you. You should have access to copies of the engineering documents, database and passwords for your system. JMS provides you all of these, allowing you to choose and maintain a relationship with your system integration partner based upon performance and not just product or protocol. We know that once we earn your business, our performance will be the key to keeping it.


A non-proprietary User Interface is an important piece of a true open solution because it enables you to access all points and objects in your system even if they are on controllers from different manufacturers or different protocols. All information is normalized and presented in a uniform manner on one single user interface that can be accessed from any standard web browser.

A JMS Open Solution is Truly Open. JMS delivers nothing less than these four components. Where others are simply certified, our experience over hundreds of open solutions makes JMS the most qualified provider of Truly Open Solutions. 


Open Solutions Knowledge Resources

"Using Native BACnet™ Systems In Open Protocol Installations"
This BACnet™ article reviews reasons to use an open protocol standard.

JMS partners with Distech Controls, Tridium and others to deliver truly open, integrated solutions. The way it should be.