Open Solutions

True Open Solutions using industry standard protocols, open licensing, non-proprietary engineering tools, and a non-proprietary user interface. Our Open Solutions empower you to take control and select the most qualified building technology partner based upon their performance and qualifications to meet your expectations.

Industry Standard Protocols

Open protocols connect systems from different companies into one seamless building management system.

Open Licensing

Open licensing of ALL the software in your building management solution is the backbone to empowering you to take control.

Engineerng Tools

With non-proprietary engineering tools, you're not tied to one provider. Select your qualified partner based on performance.

User Interface

A non-proprietary UI is an important piece in a true open solution. You decide who manages and services the UI.

Why You Need a True Open Solution

  • Extend life of current system
  • More ROI from prior investments
  • More choices to expand system
  • Ease of use & staff productivity
  • Less risk of obsolete components
  • Standard presentation of data
  • Mobile & remote web access
  • Uniform network management tool
  • Choice of qualified service teams
  • Flexibility and options


We leverage the power of the Tridium Niagara Framework. Integration of all your systems in one building or across your enterprise into a single, seamless system, boosting efficiency of your buildings, staff, and budget.

JMS Integration Expertise

JMS has successfully integrated hundreds of systems involving multiple BAS platforms, and multiple protocols.

Distech Multi-protocol Controllers

A hardware platform connecting diverse devices to integrate control, supervision, data, alarms, schedules & network management.

Tridium Niagara Framework

An Industry Standard, Open framework to integrate geographically dispersed, multi-vendor devices into a common, seamless environment.

A Single User Interface

Finally, you can have a single user interface via mobile, web or desktop. Efficiency for occupants, the building, and your staff.

What integration means to you

  • World class facilities
  • Tie your whole enterprise together
  • Access new building info & insights
  • All systems talk to each other
  • Operational efficiency for your staff
  • Unified control, monitoring, data, alarms, schedules, and network management
  • Integrate dissimilar protocols & systems

Building Automation

Connected, digital building management tools like remote web access, mobile apps, and personalized dashboards connected to IoT enabled devices, controllers and communication networks. All leveraging the Distech Controls Unified Building Management System.

JMS is a Distech Controls Authorized System Integrator

HVAC Controllers

BACnet and LONWORKS controllers for HVAC. Programmable or application specific. Programming tools increase total installation efficiency by 25%.

Mobile Apps

On-the-go, productivity system tools for building managers, control technicians, system integrators, and occupants

Room Devices

Wired or wireless. From discrete sensors up to intelligent communicating sensors and communicating thermostats. Contemporary design, suitable for any facility.

Eclypse BACnet IP Controllers

Connected controllers with advanced security. IP, WiFi or both. Embedded schedules, alarms, logs. Redundancy. Connect meters, VFDs and more.

Eclypse API

Create custom Mobile Apps, Dashboards and Analytics for users who control, monitor, and analyze building performance.

Smart Room Control

A unified system to control HVAC terminal equipment, lighting, and shades for local and room applications. Designed for ease of installation and occupant control & comfort.

Envysion UI

Actionable, visual knowledge through a responsive, web-based graphical design and visualization interface.


Web-based access control to monitor and secure any building, anytime, anywhere. Ideal for single door to multi-building deployments. Integrate CCTV.

Wireless, Battery-less Sensors

No drilling. No wiring. Draws on available ambient energy for power. Ideal for historic buildings and premier interiors. Serves any application: temp, humidity, duct, etc.

Building IoT

Our BAS architecture features IP connected, digital components at the monitoring & control, management, and device communication layers, delivering the information and insight about your building and enterprise operations that boost facility performance and operating results.


IoT based BAS solutions deliver connections across facility management systems that enhance occupant experience. IoT adds convenience and ease of operation. Combine valuable pieces of information from across the internet on one user platform to make better informed decisions.

Monitoring & Control

Unify systems like HVAC control and Lighting control into one user platform. Monitor control your space from a variety of platforms for a better occupant experience.


This layer features the responsive Envysion graphical user interface for information access anywhere, anytime on any device. The Eclypse RESTful API enables data exchange among enterprise systems for greater operational effectiveness.


Simplified networking, IP, enhanced bandwidth, and speed deliver the analytical power to process large volumes of data. Consolidate building system communications networks into a single Building Information System Network.

Create a Premium Experience

  • High occupant satisfaction
  • Integrate digital building amenities
  • Actionable insight from data
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Improve building staff efficiency
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Attract & retain top facility talent
  • Consolidate enterprise networks
  • Connect to web services
  • Access intelligence on any device

BAS Modernization & Expansion

Extend the life of your current BAS investment by modernizing its infrastructure with an open, connected BAS platform, enabling you to budget for planned replacement of obsolete controllers. Empower yourself with the freedom to expand your BAS with open solutions and realize increased efficiency and performance.

From Proprietary to Open

JMS has helped many customers modernize from legacy proprietary systems to an open solution. Often, we can integrate an open UI and communication network on top of your field existing controllers.

Legacy Systems Expertise

JMS can help you avoid an expensive legacy system replacement. We will consult with you to develop a BAS Modernization plan, tailored to your specific legacy system, your budget and your operating needs.

Planned Expansion

With an open network in place, you can plan upgrades to your legacy field network and expand with new open controllers as dictated by operating needs and budget.

Multi-vendor Experience

Our team has first-hand experience with BAS platforms from Alerton, Automated Logic, Trane, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, and more.

10 Reasons to Modernize & Expand

  • Not tied to one system integrator
  • Planned upgrade to state-of-art
  • Fix existing system problems, finally
  • Open platform for future needs
  • Improve building performance
  • Protect prior investment
  • Enhance occupant comfort
  • Web & mobile remote access
  • More efficient maintenance ops
  • Best use of operating budget

Energy Management

We help customers get the most out of their BAS investment by implementing the right energy management strategy for each facility and system within the facility, optimizing occupant comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Right Energy Strategy

We work with you to identify energy management strategies for each facility and each system within the facility. One size does not fit all. We help you get it right.

Real-time Energy Reporting

Graphics, reports, and trend data to facilitate business decisions, delivered on a graphical, web-based energy management dashboard.

Energy KPI Tracking

Scalable energy monitoring and measurement solutions to track enterprise-wide or single site Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Enterprise Benchmarks

Comparative analytics and performance dashboards to benchmark energy performance across your enterprise.

Energy Management Pays Off

  • Facility sustainability rating
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower energy costs
  • Student and teacher involvement
  • Compliant with CSR policies
  • Sustainability attracts tenants
  • Sustainability attracts tenants and talent to your business
  • Executive, manager, and operational dashboards help meet energy goals
  • Quickly identify and correct performance issues


Simplify things with one service provider. We service the Distech and Tridium solutions we install, as well as provide ongoing support to help you optimize your systems and operate your facility as efficiently as possible.

Planned & On-demand Support

JMS Planned Support ensures consistent facility performance and occupant comfort. On-demand support means JMS is there day or night when problems arise.

Predictive Maintenance

Consistent performance and comfort is enhanced with monitoring tools that predict BAS and mechanical issues prior to a service disruption.

Solution & Facility Optimization

JMS helps you fully utilize the features of your investment through set up and knowledge transfer to your team. Your full operational capability is our goal.

Legacy & New Install Support

When you select JMS to extend your legacy system, integrated to a modern, digital BAS platform, JMS commits to service your entire solution.

Maintain high building performance

  • Comfort for all: tenants, students, employees, patients, or visitors
  • Premium occupant experience
  • High tenant retention & occupancy
  • Strong student performance
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Optimize your operating budget
  • Energy efficiency & sustainability
  • Responsiveness to facility issues
  • Consistent building performance
  • Building staff talent acquisition & development
  • Avoid costly unplanned repairs

Lighting Control

We provide lighting control solutions, including Unified solutions with Acuity nLight lighting control systems, open protocol integration for third party lighting controls, or direct control of lighting contactors.

Unified Solution

Acuity nLight lighting controls and your Eclypse HVAC platform are purpose built to work as a Unified Solution. Combing lighting and HVAC on the same network give you maximum control over your energy spendc

BAS Control of Lighting

Our BAS solution can control your lighting systems with direct control of exterior lights or individual interior lighting circuits.


By integrating lighting into your BAS platform, JMS enables efficiency that comes from shared occupancy schedules or occupancy sensing to control the lights and space comfort together, all from a single user interface.

Smart Room Control

Enable smart control of work spaces by individual occupants, with a unified system to control HVAC terminal equipment, lighting, and shades for local and room applications.

Unified Control Means Reliable Results

  • Lighting Control and HVAC Control on the same User Interface
  • Optimized control sequences from common sensor network
  • Edge applications like space utilization
  • Easier to scale for future needs
  • Energy and building code compliance
  • Easier to operate one platform
  • Optimize control over 50% of your energy costs
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